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64 Cell

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Price: $125.00~$175.00

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The 64 Cell is a nest of 64 tetrahedrons which creates 2 octaves of the cube octahedron which is a perfectly balanced 3D geometry where every line or vector in the structure are of equal length, what Buckminster Fuller called the vector equilibrium. This piece synthesizes many healing and rejuvenating properties in one form.  It activates the heart chakra, bringing emotional balance and stimulating compassion as well as stimulating the 3rd eye, crown and sexual/creative chakras.


Wearing the 64 Cell maintains the integrity of your electromagnetic field which protects you against all forms of negative energies.  Attaching this star to an earring hoop or mobile phone is highly recommended.


Elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Male & Female

Protection:  Electrical (appliances, etc.) & Magnetic (computers, cell phones, etc.)


Pendant is handmade in Bali in sterling silver, brass & 24k gold plate over silver.