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Bolder Star

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Price: $154.00




Gold & Silver Tantric Star with boulder opal and rutilated quartz.  


This Tantric Star has a Silver Octahedron defined within a Gold Star Tetrahedron (MerKaBa).  

This marriage integrates and unifies the elements of Air (octahedral) and Fire (tetrahedral), bringing life force to the thymus, thus strengthening the immune system. The Tantric Star is at the core of the atomic structure of all matter and functions as a 3 dimensional mandala and activates the 3rd eye, crown and sexual chakras.  For more information go HERE


Opal:   emotional protection, purification, Divine connection, release of addiction.

Element:  water, earth

Chakras:  root, sexual/creative


Rutilated Quartz: programmable for attunement, amplification, acceleration, expanding awareness and grounding manifestation.

Element: storm

Chakras: all


approx. 3" from bale to tip of pendant & 1.25" in wide.


All pendants are handmade in Bali in sterling silver or 24k gold plate over silver unless specified otherwise.