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CD - Phi Sonic Solar System

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The Phi Sonic Solar System is the frequency music from the Temple of Time Ceremony (ceremony 5).  Sacred geometry architects Jiva and Juliet Carter conceived and constructed the geometries that form the resonant harmonics that calibrate to the Sun and 7 planets of our solar system that correspond to 8 circuits within the Human energy field.  The reconnection of these 8 circuits bring us back into resonance with the correct alignment of our solar system.  Listening to this beautiful frequency music of the planets temporarily reconnects these circuits.  For permanent reconnection, one must attend the Temple of Time ceremony.


The design of this music was inspired by the Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Cousto and his book, The Cosmic Octave.


1. Sun                        126.22Hz

2. Mercury                  141.27Hz

3. Venus                     221.23Hz

4. Earth                      194.18Hz

5. Mars                       144.72Hz

6. Maldek                    128.00Hz

7. Jupiter                     183.58Hz

8. Saturn                      147.85Hz


Total Time:  55:32


Composed by Juergen Taruna and Jiva Carter