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DVD - Sound of Time, Phi Sonic Resonance

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Price: $39.95


This DVD pack includes: a dvd, a cd and an informational booklet.


Music for the Contemporary Aboriginal

As you flood your being in these cosmic octaves, simultaneously filling your vision with the counter-resonant geometric calibrations of these harmonics in form, 33 major circuits of electromagnetic frequencies download the energetic nature of Source Consciousness into your endocrine system, embracing your field of consciousness into the interactive co-creative holography of the immortal continuum.

You become the portal through which Divine Consciousness flows.


Originally, this dvd was created for those who had previously experienced all 6 ceremonies of The Template of Transcendence to assist them in integrating the acceleration of electromagnetic download through reconnected bio-circuits.

We have discovered that the Phi Sonic Resonance is also a means for those who have not yet reconnected vital circuitry to temporarily do so.

Even though the connection is not sustained, the heart/body/mind system is forever influenced and inspired by an indelible encounter with its immortal divine identity. The experience is banked as an established phenomenon providing an alternative consideration when faced with the many dilemmas of this fear-based paradigm. From this empowered perspective of identity reference all decisions, choices and ultimately, the entire mutant paradigm is evaluated.

DVD total running time:  86 min.  Includes:

Introductory Meditation

Phi Sonic Resonance Meditation

The Template & The Sound of Time

Hear the Geometry, See the Sound

The Template


CD total running time:  35 min.  Includes:  Phi Sonic Resonance Meditation

For maximum benefit. listen to cd through headphones.



Words & Voice: Juliet Carter

Music:  Jiva Carter, Jurgen E.

Video Production:  Zak Human


Published 2009