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Garnet Spinning Star necklace

Availability: 7 - 10 Days

Price: $62.00




Beautiful Silver Spinning Star Tetrahedron, free revolving in circle on garnet necklace.


The Star Tetrahedron in Circle holds within its matrix the energy pattern that is followed by the electro-magnetic, male and female potencies of creation as they come together at the moment of conception, to create the Atom, the Human and the Universe.


Wearing the Star Tetrahedron maintains the integrity of your electromagnetic energy field and repels negative energies. It specifically strengthens the thymus gland where the production of 'T' cells maintains a healthy immune system. This can be phenomenally proven through kinesiology (muscle testing). The Star Tetrahedron is a three dimensional Star of David, also called the Merkaba. It is composed of two interlocking tetrahedrons, (3 sided pyramid with base). The top tetrahedron is male and electric in nature and the bottom is female and magnetic in nature. The male tetrahedron is also the mental body or mind, while the female is the emotional body.  The star revolves freely within the stationary circle and the circle adds the feminine component.


Element:  Fire

Protection:  Both electric (appliances, etc) & magnetic (computers, cell phones, etc.)

Approximately .9 in diameter


Garnet: emotional healing, self-worth, walking the spiritual path

Element: earth

Chakras: root, heart, crown


Size:  Necklance is 17" long with 3" extender chain all sterling silver

Pendant is handmade in Bali in sterling silver.