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Genesa Heart Star Palm

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Price: $164.00




The Genesa Heart Star is a Heart Star with 2 genesa crystals wrapped around the center.

The Heart Star (a stellated cube octahedron) activates the heart chakra. It cleanses abandonment and betrayal by healing and purifying the emotional body, providing emotional balance. It reminds us that love is our protection by bringing the emotional body into alignment with its soul purpose.


It is the “Stargate to the Light-Body”. “This central fractal within the Human hologram forms a junction through which all systems within the interactive inter-connecting mechanism of the human matrix are interwoven. It is the fulcrum point through which we embody the Benevolence of Creation within the individual unified field of each Human entity. The Heart Star as it is placed within the Covenant embedded in the human matrix is in frequency resonance with the Heart Chakra.


Elements:  air, earth, female

Approximately 2" wide

Sterling Silver