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Geometry Jewelry
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We are constantly adding new pieces so check back!

All of our geometry is handmade in Bali under fair trade conditions.







Coming Soon! - Earrings & Bracelets  









These beautiful sacred geometry pieces are handmade in Bali and are designed to protect and enhance your physical, mental and emotional health through resonance with your own energy field. Different shapes hold different properties and benefits.  

Some feature emotional cleansing while others stimulate the third eye. Many feature physical protection against magnetic pollution from items like cell phones and computers while others protect against electrical pollution from appliances and electrical outlets and cords. There are also some that do both. This has been tested with an EMF (electromagnetic field) reader, which measures the level of emissions of these fields.




The structure of the human body is based upon the same set of principles that are found at all levels of creation. Our body contains within it holographically all the information of the universe. We are an embodiment of sacred geometry and as we commune with sacred geometry forms we interact with their fields of informational influence.  Wearing sacred geometry can have a significant impact on your vibration, mood and general well being as well as being used as tools for healing and protection.


How does sacred geometry help?  

Wearing sacred geometry jewelry or having sacred geometry in your environment:

  • Strengthens & harmonizes your energy field and others’ as well when they see it.  
  • Lessens the effects from EMF pollution, enabling you to stay on the computer or cell phone longer without getting tired.
  • Helps neutralize the effects of the constant bombardment of radio and TV frequencies and other electronic signals broadcast from satellites and microwave towers.
  • Protects against negative energies from others and the environment.
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