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Solar Star Pearl Necklace

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Price: $114.00




Beautiful Silver Solar Star on silver & pearl necklace.


The Solar Star is a stellated dodecahedron, which reconnects the Lung Circuit in the Ceremony of Sacred Breath. With this circuit reconnected we are taking Prana into the arena that has hitherto been dominated by the death hormone and its degenerative bio-informational signals. As we introduce alchemically the library of consciousness data contained within the Solar Star we trigger the resonance within this fractal that corresponds with a memory…the memory of eternal, sentient, sovereign existence and consolidates that memory into the physical matrix.


The Stargate to the ‘Sacred Breath’ the Solar Star forms a lattice work of never-ending, never beginning pentagrams. Resolving, through its configuration of endlessness, all inner sense of separation, returning us to JOY.


Functioning in a similar way to Celtic knot work, it expresses the creed of immortality and is an intensely rejuvenating star and is healing to the DNA.


Properties:  Male, Solar


Pearl: sincerity, faith, loyalty, integrity

Element: water

Chakras: third eye


Size:  Necklance is 17" long with 2" extender chain 

Pendant is handmade in Bali in sterling silver.