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Tantric Triple Spin

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The Tantric Star in Circle has an Octahedron defined within a Star Tetrahedron (MerKaBah).  This marriage integrates and unifies the elements of Air (octahedral) and Fire (tetrahedral), bringing life force to the thymus, thus strengthening the immune system. The Tantric Star is at the core of the atomic structure of all matter and functions as a 3 dimensional mandala and activates the 3rd eye, crown and sexual chakras.


‘Sacred Enclosure’

Formed by interlocking ascending and descending tetrahedrons, the geometric form of fire, creating a central chamber in the form of an octahedron, the geometric form of air.


These interlocking tetrahedrons are known as the Star Tetrahedron or Merkaba. Expressing the union of the male and female potencies they are the building blocks of all manifest creation. The central octahedron forms the alchemical component of Prana or breath shared by these Divine Lovers.


Worn or hung visibly in a room, it stabilizes a field of Sacred Space, joining Cosmic Order and Creative Force. Held in the awareness it protects one from artificial electro-magnetic pollution (such as cell phones and computers) and negative thought forms.


The Tantric Star and inner 2 circles revolve freely inside a stationary circle, integrating the elements of Fire (tetrahedral) and Air (octahedral) with the circle (feminine).


Elements:  Fire, Air, Male & Female

Protections:  Electric (appliances, etc.) & Magnetic (computers, cell phones, etc.)

Approx: 1 in. in diameter.


Pendant is handmade in Bali in sterling silver or 24k gold plate over silver.