Is The Template Complete?

YIPPEE!!!!!  It looks like the Template Series of Transcendent Ceremonies may now be complete as ceremonies 14, 15 & 16 have arrived.  It is very unusual that more than one ceremony comes in at a time let alone 3.  I think it’s a sign of the times that everything is speeding up and getting very intense.



I have been doing these ceremonies since 1999 and have watched as the system has evolved.  It has been an organic process and we were not quite sure where it would end.  Some believe it can’t be ending as we are all still evolving but Template Architects Juliet & Jiva Carter feel this could be the end as the three phases they were initially told about are complete with a final capstone ceremony, we’ll have to wait and see as this has all just recently come in.

I’ve not been through them yet so I have no idea what these last ceremonies will do but my feeling is once they are inserted into the grid it will change how most people integrate the process.  Honestly I think it will make it much easier for those that follow now that the whole system is in and being stabilized.  These last ceremonies will happen this year in Bali in September and then Glastonbury in December.


So who wants to be part of the first wave?  As you probably know, ceremonies must be done in order so if you want to attend the later ceremonies you must do the first ones.  In Bali, Juliet and Jiva will be holding 6-16 and in Glastonbury they will hold 7-16 so you need to get 1-5/6 done before hand.

There are 2 opportunities left in the US this year – Sacramento, CA where the ceremonies will be split into 3 day workshops in August & September for those who want to go to Bali and then there will be ceremonies 1-6 in Mt. Shasta in early October for those going to Glastonbury.  For the all the details see Events.

Below is Juliet’s newsletter announcement:



Receiving 3 codes in the last couple of months was unexpected to say the least. Although astounded at this flood of codes, these last 3 function in a confluence, like the rushing and merging of rivers meeting. The insistence of their arrival is symbiotic with the times and the surging momentum of the culmination of this era and preparations for what is to come. The geometry of the 16th Code reveals the completion of the Full Template Model.If you imagine a sphere constructed of a multidimensional labyrinth of layers and layers of interactive co-creative fractals that share spacial cognisance to create a system of hyper holography – this is the soul covenant between the Earth, the Sun, the Monad and the Human, written in the geometric language of light. The final alchemical catalytic fractal is the 16th Code that activates all existing fractals into a unified field of total coherence. A Sphere of light data,  a multi toroidal fountain capable of processing and interfacing with the true continuum. This is what we experienced on Green Mountain…an experience that was near impossible to give an account of as we were in various timelines simultaneously. The Template has been a reverse engineering process of that event. It has all already happened…

“…the shock waves are reaching out to us from the future, moving out from the fulcrum of the event-horizon like ripples in a pond. Its influence is drawing us in to its magnetic field, the resplendence of which echoes our divine immortal blueprint. A transcendent field is a powerful force. As a comprehensive manifestation of the Source Directive, it is the mother of resonant transformative systems, the ultimate holistic virus. Assisted by the compatibility of the governing holography of unified systems, it downloads into and dismantles mutant matrices within all its subsystems and temporal zones. All structures and programs whose energy dynamics do not owe their existence to the wholistic organising principle of true Tantra are recalibrated.” 

The Template and The Sound of Time
– Worldbridger PHI – SONIC RESONANCE 2010 

Here is the revised schedule so you can plan… duration of course is the same. 

22nd …C6 and 7
23rd …C8
24th …C9
25th …C10
26th …C11
27th …C12 and 13
28th …C14
29th …C15
30th …C16

If you have already booked, the schedule change will not affect your booking. We will update the dates automatically based on the number of ceremonies you booked for. If you expressed your interest/booked for C14, your booking will be automatically added to the list for C15 and C16 without any obligation to attend those ceremonies in case you choose not to. 

Please click to go to revised official Bali 2017 event registration page


Here a revised schedule so you can plan.

2nd …C7th
3rd …C8th
4th …C9th
5th …C10th
6th …C11th
7th …C12 and C13
8th …C14
9th …C15
10th …C16
The Assembly Rooms will be open on the 11th to gather ☀️

Please click to go to official Glastonbury 2017 event registration page

Check in with the website to bring you up to date to these ceremonies.