Ceremony 3 online – needs your help.

Juliet & Jiva are in the post production phase of finishing the third ceremony to go up online.  They fund most of the production themselves through geometry sales and holding ceremonies but need some help to finish this up.  These videos have cost around 80-100k each to make with people volunteering or discounting their services.  They have a fundraiser up to raise the last bit and for those of you who are enjoying them, this is an opportunity to be a part of the process to make them happen which will be much appreciated.  So check it out as there are a lot of good deals on unique geometry on this fundraiser which end August 8!



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Breath is the bridge to consciousness, the transformation of awareness into form and motion, the medium through which we witness the daily miracle.

As you draw breath from the ‘infinite in’, through the central fractal of your Human Holonom, the geometric figuration of the Iconic Terra Prana Star – the synthesis of Air and Earth – you automatically draw it in from the ‘infinite out’. This catalytic confluence initiates the alchemy that gives your eyes the gift of sight, your ears to hear, your heart to feel. Each breath is the bridge to the daily miracle of life. The sacred vow between spirit and matter.

Click HERE to assist in funding the post production and completion of ‘The Ceremony Of Sacred Breath’. 

As the ‘The Ceremony Of Sacred Breath’ film enters the final phase of completion,  there are still some elements that need to be included. A great 3D animator has joined our team just as we find we need one in order to explain a complex morphing system of geometries. Juergen unique skills are needed for composing the music, further pieces must be recorded at a rented studio and a budget to pay for the final editing, animation and effects work.

There is rarely a week that goes by when we don’t hear from someone sharing their transformational experience from the free films that are already streaming through the global social mycelium. They are such a valuable source for people who will never be able to attend a Ceremony in person. However the present way in which we are funding and creating these films is not working well enough. It’s taking too long. There are not enough members on the team and the crew is not paid well enough which means we must subsidise our income in ways that take us away from the work. It then takes a while to regroup in the same location, breaking the flow and focus. 

The content and dynamic function of the films that result in measurable, sustainable transformation are beyond evaluation in terms of benefit, however the creative and production quality is of a luminous level and also plays an essential part in drawing people to the films…just as a flower holds the power of its pollen, but the colour and artistry of the flower draws the bee. This work takes many long hours and a persevering, unshakable perfectionism! And a lot of love for and faith in what we are doing and giving. 

The clip below shows a couple of sequences that reveal the flow of energy as the alchemical components of Sacred Geometry morph from one elemental pattern of function to another revealing the marriage of matter and spirit, the flow of energy into manifestation. As we get deeper into the Template Codes the geometry and the higher physics of creation become more complex. The animation of the Geometry allows us to explain and reveal the resurrection of the divine immortal Human blueprint and the way in which we interface with the unified field and the true continuum. The synthesis of all the components (including the very specific harmonics of the musical compositions) create an aesthetically compelling confluence. 

The gathering of necessary equipment and the unique footage that captures the frequency and range of the information is a challenge on its own, the distilling of the exact script and how to best bring it to life visually through developmental editing in post production is where it gets not only time consuming but difficult and, due to the Incomparable nature of this model of transcendence, ever more complex. 

There have been a couple of films released recently that have explained the connectivity of the universe. Great films full of good information and effects…one of which raised $330.000. The Template films INITIATE CONNECTIONS…connections that keep on connecting. The Sacred Breath Film has so far used a little over $30:000…the majority of which was received in exchange for geometry. 

We don’t like asking for money. Which is why we offer substantial ‘perks’. It’s more of a sale than a fundraiser…because we are aware of the financial difficulties most people face. The fact of the matter is these films need to be made faster by a larger crew with less stress, struggle and sacrifice. Substantial injections of funds are needed by those who appreciate the potency of The Template and can afford to help. These Codes need to be free and to reach the public. In terms of knowledge and skill we have what it takes to set up a film production system that will see the completion of several films a year. It’s time. After 30 years It’s time for us to put our faith in the power of the work and what it has and continues to give and 
allow for the cycle of energy to spiral up on its own wings. 

If any of you have an opportunity to share The Template films with people or groups who are in a position to assist please do so. These films are free and belong to the people…the people need to take action.