How to explain the ceremonies

So you’ve done the ceremonies, think they’re amazing and want others to do them too but they just don’t get it. What do you say? When people used to ask me what I did for a living, I would say I hold alchemical ceremonies with sacred geometry that reconnect bio-circuitry in the body. I would often get a blank stare and then a “that sounds cool” with a change of subject. You could try it, it might work well on some people, just say “They’re alchemical ceremonies with sacred geometry that reconnect bio-circuitry in your body that shifts your frequency and really expands your awareness.” Wow that really does sound cool!


People love the ceremonies and have amazing responses to them but it can be hard to put into words, as it can be an other-worldly, transforming experience. The beautiful language used in the ceremonies, and in most of the Template material, holds a certain frequency harmonic that speaks to the heart/body/mind but not so much to the intellect, for many.   It is the language of our original divine blueprint and when people hear it they feel it resonating throughout their bodies, deep in their cells, calling them home. Lately I’ve had people come to ceremonies solely because of the language, saying, “I heard the language and that’s my language! I knew it and just had to come.”


So let’s see, what could you say to someone?  I’m just brainstorming here with some quick anecdotes and will probably update this when I get some feedback:


  • The ceremonies are an easy,  beautiful way to initiate a deep healing on all levels. They release our deepest programs, bringing them to the surface to be purged like a physical cleanse flushes toxins. The reconnection of circuitry unlocks your dormant potential and allows you to express more of who you truly are.


  • The reconnection of circuitry enables you to embody more light, more Source consciousness, more prana, which changes your frequency and expands your awareness. Enlightenment is not about knowing all the answers but your ability to embody light. Times are crazy and there are many intense waves of light hitting the planet. The more resonant you are with the wider spectrums of light the easier it will be to assimilate.   Otherwise it can be “from frying pan into the fire” time.


  • The Template ceremonies use sacred geometry and sonic codes to activate dormant Human potential. They initiate a journey of healing, forgiveness, remembrance, resurrection and, ultimately, transcendence of the *dualistic mortal paradigm.          * crazy place we’re living in.


  • The ceremonies help clear childhood trauma and heal relationships. These ceremonies have reconciled a lot of families, particularly parent/child relationship issues and estrangement. I actually had one person call his parents during a break to let them know how much he loved them.  The parent/child dynamic affects all your relationships. Your relationships will come into balance and those that no longer serve you will dissolve.  I’ve seen it over and over including difficult marriages completely evening out.  This can happen when only one partner does the ceremonies as it doesn’t require both of them but it’s nice if they’re on the same page.


  • The ceremonies significantly shift your frequency regardless of where you are. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been at this for 20 years, as a matter of fact, those are the people who tend to feel it the most. As you shift your frequency things change and what is not resonant with the new stabilized frequency will transform or fall away. That’s what I love about the ceremonies, not only does it change your frequency, many workshops can do that, but the reconnection of circuitry stabilizes it.  Unlike many workshops where you change in the moment but then 3 months later seem back to mostly your old self, the changes from the ceremonies stick. The reconnection of circuitry will help other modalities hold as well and enable you to take any other process deeper faster. Raising your frequency accelerates your process of awakening, so some of you may be in for a wild ride.


  • The ceremonies are different for everyone. For some it is finally awakening from the darkness and seeing the light that has always been there and enabling them to see things from a different perspective.


  • The ceremonies enable you to see beyond the many-layered veils of deception happening in this reality so you can rely on yourself for the truth and not feel you have to seek it from others. I had spiritual teacher/seer in my ceremonies who later reported that she thought she already saw everything and was shocked to see even more layers of illusion.


  • Getting your circuits connected enables you to fully embody your sovereignty. You understand yourself as sovereign, eternal, everlasting and are more able to detach from the drama playing out in this current reality and feel confident standing in your truth.  They’re very self-empowering.


  • The Template is stabilizing a new matrix/collective consciousness/paradigm based on love. The more people who get their circuits connected the easier it will be for those who can’t consciously take part ceremoniously, they can choose to do so on a soul level. This is about numbers and creating a “hundredth monkey effect”. You don’t only do the ceremonies for yourself but for all humanity, so let’s get it out there. Pass on the ceremony videos as much as possible as we’re all in this together. There are no “chosen few” as that is a chosen ego trip.


  • Basically just letting people know how things have changed for you is the best way.  Sometimes that’s just a feeling you can’t really put into words so there’s always the teaser “I can’t explain it, you just have to do it!”  You can also send them to the Ceremony page on this site or the ceremony introduction videos which explain the ceremonies and has a little video on circuitry.


The time has come to seriously walk your talk.  Things are changing rapidly and it’s really important to support what you want to see in the world.  What do you value, what do you take action on?  We actively create this reality together by what we support and engage in.  If you don’t actively support what you want to see a in the world then it may just go away.  So what kind of world do YOU want to create?