Radio with Juliet Carter

Below is a collection of radio programs explaining The Template ceremonies. Click the title to hear the interview or the play button below the title if available.

Dr. Rock considers elements of Juliet Carter’s Worldbridger Ceremony presentation which was recorded at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms on Monday, 30th November 2015. In this presentation Juliet addresses the nature of the world in which we find ourselves and how it is that recognition of the energetic and the physical as a unity is helping participants to overcome the abuse and distraction that has characterised human activity for so long. – around the 27 minute mark.

In this 2015 Dr. Rock podcast, a recorded conversation with Juliet Carter, author of Worldbridger and The Template – a holonomic model of transcendence, about her work creating and celebrating the Template Ceremonies. The Template model links ceremony, geometry and bio-circuitry to recover humanity’s resonance with the template of light and uses muscle-testing to demonstrate, after each ceremony, that where once there was weakness there is renewed strength.

In this podcast Dr. Rock speaks about his decade-and-a-half of interest and participation in a series of ceremonies, and the connection between this material and the work he is doing on PeoplesInternetRadio. This podcast concentrates on the foundation of the model, the Ceremony of Original Innocence, which reconnects twelve circuits associated with the classical elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether.

Linking the reconnection of the human biocircuitry to the endocrine system, the resurrection of the divine immortal blueprint and our ability to receive, translate and utilise the codes in light and how this relates to the 2012 timing is the theme of this interview. Starts at 3:05

  • Juliet Carter on Seeing Beyond explaining the terms of The Template


  • Juliet Carter on Contact Radio 2005


Juliet Carter on Byron Bay FM Women’s Talk