Hanging in the Neutral Zone

I wanted to share a little about my Glastonbury experience and the process I’m going through.  I’ve been having a fairly smooth integration but that’s only because I’m willing to ride the waves. I’ve definitely had moments of intense emotional release but have stayed fairly detached.

Glastonbury was the first time I’ve ever done a block of ceremonies for the first time as I did ceremonies 12-16 new. I’ve been so curious to feel what it’s like to do several new ceremonies at one time. The integration definitely feels smoother. Being an ambassador, I try to do attend each new ceremony when it first comes in but didn’t make it to Glastonbury in 2016 for 12 & 13. I started my Template journey back in 1999 and have done all the ceremonies one by one, usually at least a year apart except for C7&8, which came in in the same year. Each one had it’s own feel and intensity and whatever program the individual ceremony was targeting was out pictured everywhere and I would be present with it for a while afterwards. In Glastonbury, each ceremony still had its unique feel and intensity but I was not aware of any one particular program. With the earlier ceremonies, things would really speed up and I’d be busy, busy, busy, for about 3 months after a new ceremony. With this last phase, it’s the opposite, everything slows way down so I can just sit in the stillness and be very present with myself.

After C11 a few years ago, I felt very detached from this reality. Nothing felt particularly real or mattered. Everything slowed down and I just watched the world from my window. I felt this way for months, with some of it being permanent. On a personal level it was great but it’s not so great when you run your own business. This time around, I feel very detached but also feel like I’m suspended in a kind of neutral zone without much emotion, like a gap between the frames of a movie. I have absolutely no idea what is next. It’s nice because I don’t really stress much about anything but I’m also not motivated to do anything either. I feel like I’m waiting for some big shift to happen and that reality is somehow going to change. All I want to do is meditate or sit in my sunroom and watch the birds, anything else feels like a big chore. I have a hummingbird that comes by almost daily and hangs out and then there are a few chirpy birds that like to feed out of my pool, which has turned into a big green pond. I sit and notice the ebbs and flows of energy.  I am in reconstruction mode, as we all are and have noticed that what worked well in the past may not necessarily work now. It can be really frustrating but I feel we are heading into new territory and it is time to do things differently. What that looks like, I’m not sure.

I had a beautiful experience in the middle of C16. I left my body and headed into the sun. I often go into the sun during meditation so this was quite normal. I passed right through the sun though and headed to the center of the galaxy. I then passed through that and ended up in the center of the universe (?). I went into a glass chamber and started to deconstruct into tiny particles. I became 2 waves of particles that would move up and down the chamber side by side. I could feel the waves move in my body back in the ceremony room. I then saw part of my body begin to reconstruct itself. I got a clear message that these ceremonies were deconstructing my field and that it would be reconstructing over the next several months to be in resonance with new frequencies on the planet.

As Juliet said in the ceremonies, it is about letting go of any obstructions to expressing our divine blueprint. I have been going into the heart space/meditation and calling up the obstructions and have witnessed some intense experiences from other lifetimes as well as some remnants of old familiar stuff from this one. I view these experiences as energies that have gotten stuck in my field because of the intense emotion involved. I basically just witness the experience, feel the emotions and just let them go. I don’t analyze them much as that can prolong the process.

Another awareness I’ve had is around sovereignty and what that means going forward. I have had conversations with several people integrating their process from the latest ceremonies and have assured them that we are all going through it right now and to ride the wave as best they can. One friend, who has been going through an intense time, texted me “thinking of you and sending you healing light for a smooth process”. I read it and thought, “Please don’t!” I understand the loving intention but had an interesting awareness in that moment. I have been working a lot with my energetic field to be totally present with it to see the obstructions. Although I know everything is connected and my field is always being influenced, I don’t really want anyone else intentionally interfering with it, whether good or bad. Honestly it just gets in the way. I would like everyone to really consider this and what you are doing and your intentions. It is one thing if someone asks for it as I see on FB people asking others to send healing vibes, etc. But if they are not asking for it then is it appropriate? The text said “for a smooth process” but what if that is not what would be “in the highest good”, is that interference that then must be cleared? Not to mention, I thought I was having a fairly smooth process already so didn’t really understand the need. I’m now much more sensitive to any kind of interference. I’ve noticed since Glastonbury, I feel it’s important to do the Clear & Protect ceremony everyday, morning and night whereas before I only did it once in a while since I’m fairly secluded.

I understand the idea of sending love and light but be careful about attaching any particular agenda to it and be clear about your motivation.  For many it seems to be a habit so if the idea of not doing it bothers you then there is something to look at.  If you’ve done ceremonies with me you’ve heard my big talk on judgment and who decides what is really best for someone and what they should or shouldn’t be experiencing. It’s all perspective. I feel it’s also denying who they are. We are all amazing multi-dimensional beings here. That doesn’t mean that we don’t want the experience of a helping hand but be discerning and be aware of making choices for others. To be truly sovereign is to recognize and honor the sovereignty of another. I am love. You are love. Remember.