Protein from air?

Below is an old article by Stanley Burroughs that I found many years ago.  Burroughs is well-known for creating the Master Cleanse back in the 1950s, though the cleanse was only one of the various alternative health practices that he promoted.  He was a huge advocate of deep tissue massage, light therapy, and deep reflexology.  He was also a nudist and vegetarian and had an alternative health practice in Portland, practicing reflexology and conducting lectures on alternative health practices.

In this article he presents the idea of being able to get your protein from the components in the air which supports the increasingly popular pranic lifestyle practice.  The key is to get clean air!  There are several easy ways to do this and I’ll write about it in an upcoming post.



by Stanley Burroughs

Often the question is asked about the need for amino acids, and animal protein foods. The need is highly exaggerated, as only 16% of our body is protein. The answer to the question is very simple. We first need to understand that pure protein is primarily nitrogen, with oxygen, hydrogen and some carbon. We all know we get a large share of our oxygen and hydrogen needs from the air along with some carbon. There is four times the amount of nitrogen in the same air as there is oxygen, hydrogen and carbon combined. Since we are able to utilize and assimilate a large amount of our needs of these elements into our bodies we are able to assimilate and build the nitrogen also into our bodies as protein. This is done by natural bacteria action, which is capable of converting it to our use.

From the combination of the best of foods and clean air we are able to create our own amino acids, just as well as the animals do. We never try to feed amino acids to the animals. Thus we are able to eliminate the need for toxic dead animal flesh and have no further need to worry about our constant source of protein. Eat only the best variety of fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables, seeds and sprouted seeds for a further complete source of protein. People who smoke cannot pick up the nitrogen from the air so easily, but will still get enough from proper food without the use of animal flesh. For your well-being, however, elimination of smoking is a must.

Many people believe that eating meat gives them strength. If this is so, then why are the strongest animals in the world vegetarians? Did you ever stop to think that the animals you do eat are vegetarians? Where did they get their strength? All the meat-eating animals find it necessary to sleep 16 to 18 hours daily because of excess toxins. The meat-eating animals live a very short life. God has supplied such a bountiful supply of fresh, wholesome food that there is never a need to kill an animal for its more toxic flesh in our modern civilization.