How did I get here?

So how did I get here, someone who got a D in geometry in high school.  Math was always my best subject except for geometry.  It was different from the rest, spacial, not logical or at least not to me.  Math, in general, is very “left brained” – logical, analytical, linear, but geometry tends to be “right brained” – creative, theoretical, spacial.  Now remember, sacred geometry is regular geometry, just from a different perspective.

It all started when  I attended a workshop/ceremony called Original Innocence back in 1999.  I 11377185_121967431468814_7671357718727763726_nwas living in L.A., the meca of the new age in the 90’s, and I was an energy healer and teacher.  I was trained in several modalities, as many healers are, but this ceremony blew me away like nothing else.  I made such a shift from a simple ceremony – I couldn’t believe it.  So as the story goes, I ended up training and started holding the ceremony in L.A. and later became the US administrator for, what is now called, The Template.  Originally, we thought there was just one ceremony, which was originally 5 separate ceremonies combined into one and that it was a matter of numbers to make a planetary shift.  Well then ceremony 2 came in and surprised everyone and Jiva (one of the originators) said, it’s all about sacred geometry.  WHAT?  No, if I had known at the beginning I would have never trained.  I kept asking him, “are you sure? really?it can’t be about algebra?”  I did really well in algebra.

I went to Glastonbury, England for the training of ceremony 2.  I could not grasp the geometry part of it at all.  Jiva, my teacher, had us build geometries with Q-tips and glue – I was good at
building them and could understand, actually more feel, what he was saying but could NOT explain it to anyone else.

GlastonburyI really struggled with it.  I watched Drunvalo’s Flower of Life training videos, hoping it would help but would fall asleep when he started talking about sacred geometry.  I went to a talk by Dan Winter when he visited L.A.  I understood about 10% of it and just figured the rest must be going in somewhere.  I later went to Brazil to do Ayahuasca because Stuart Wilde said everyone see lots of sacred geometry in the visions and I thought it might help me understand it.  I did it 3 times and saw no geometry except at the end of my last journey when I saw a Star Tetrahedron, the one shape I knew well, with a rosary in it.  I was horrified and realized I might want to look at some unconscious anti-catholic feelings.  Just for the record, I am anti-religion in general but feel I should be neutral concerning these things and not horrified.

It wasn’t until I decided to make a power point presentation for my workshops that I understood it.  I was typing out the geometry info from the ceremony workbook with the pictures and all of sudden I got it.  It was so simple, how could I have not seen it before?  Somehow the act of typing it out got it into my brain and it changed everything for me.  All of sudden I had a different relationship with these shapes, they were now my friends.  I have lots of these friends, for I am the US storage unit for The Template, which is now up to 10 ceremonies in the US and I sell them as well.  I have well over a hundred pieces in my home and it is an intense place to be which I will go into in another post.

In working with the geometry and teaching classes I have come to understand how powerful it is and how easily it can used.  You can study sacred geometry if you want, there are several books out there but geometry is limitless and I feel it is better if you don’t study it too much but let it speak to you.  The more you define it, the more you limit it.  Now just pause and think about that for a second.  solarvortex1The more you define it, anything for that matter, the more you limit it – you put parameters around it and put it in a box.  Some knowledge is good but to think you really know something completely will only hold you back.  I’ll give an example of what I mean. We sell a line of geometry pendants, most of which come from ceremonial pieces.  We have a list of properties for each piece and an explanation of what they do.  One piece might be feminine, earth & air and very heart opening and emotionally cleansing.  I’ve had people at my workshops pick out a piece based on what was listed as it was exactly what they were looking for.  If I then muscle tested them for the piece, sometimes they would go weak – it was not the best piece for them based on what they wanted it for.  I would pick out something very different based on my intuition or what they were instinctively drawn to and that would often test as the strongest piece to assist them with what they were working on, even though the description would say something else.  It made me realize that the geometries work on several levels and although we have defined some aspects of them, there is a lot more going on there.  I always recommend people get what they are drawn to over what the description says because your body will tell you better than some words and it is always important to trust yourself.

The best way to learn geometry is to meditate with it, draw it, build it or play with it – hold it, spin it, talk to it.  It will talk back, eventually.  The geometry itself will teach you better than any book and the purpose of this website is to give you a few tools – including videos, pictures & stories – to get you going on your journey.  It is mind altering & consciousness expanding so be prepared!

In Lak’ech

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