The Template is a series of alchemical ceremonies that reconnect specific circuitry in the body to awaken our dormant genetic blueprint.  These reconnections begin a cycle of deprogramming, enabling us to see through the many layers of this reality and utilize more light information.   This reality is created through each one of us and as each of us shifts our frequency/consciousness it shifts the reality.  Each ceremony reconnects a different set of circuits that build on the previous ceremony so it is important to do them in the correct order or it doesn’t work.  Originally, this could only be achieved by attending a live ceremony workshop.  It took many years to create a multi-leveled video that could achieve the reconnection of circuitry similar to a live event as filming a live ceremony did not work.  Now the architects of The Template are in the process of putting all the ceremonies online so they are available to the masses.  This is an ongoing project which they are fundraising to finish.

Although we cannot guarantee the connections as we do in the live events, these videos work for most people.  There are ways to watch the videos that will deepen the experience and I will give those tips below with some guidelines along with links to other pages that describe what you may experience and what to do afterwards.

WARNING:  these videos are NOT meditations and are not meant to be watched on a daily basis.  You can watch them periodically to put you in the frequency but the few people I have met that watched them daily or weekly went a bit off the deep end and unable to stay grounded and cope effectively.  Unfortunately most of us do not understand the power of ceremony in our Western culture.  It is not to be taken lightly as I have witnessed over many years of facilitating this work.  Also please be advised that a one hour video is not a substitute for fulll day event so if you wish to go further all the ceremonies must be attended in person.



Guidelines & Suggestions for watching:

  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and can be fully present.
  • If you’re going to watch this on your computer or phone, wear headphones.
  • If you can watch this on a larger screen or TV, that would be better.
  • During the ceremony you should be repeating the words out loud if possible (you’ll hear the repeat as an echo spoken on the video).
  • Take some alone time, rest or meditate directly afterwards to feel the experience and to assist the integration.
  • Do this with a group of friends and make an altar in the center.  You can do this with candles, crystals, incense and/or flowers to have a deeper, more ceremonial experience.
  • Listen to the informational pieces of the ceremony video to prepare you for the process.
  • To learn a little bit more about what each ceremony does go HERE
  • To get a general idea of what to expect, see this post HERE
  • For integration tips and what to do afterwards, go HERE


The Template Introduction (good to know what you are getting into, yes?) – click HERE




To attend a live ceremony event see our Events Page