The Template Ceremonies

The Reconnection of the Human Bio-circuitry

through Coded Ceremony

Embodied in these ceremonies is an initiation designed to transform the frequencies of the human circuitry, to enable us cellularly and energetically to sustain the embodiment of a new paradigm. Our challenge is to embrace and integrate the new frequency realizing not only are we mental, physical and emotional beings, we are units of circuitry . . . electric beings.


The Template is a series of alchemical ceremonies that use sacred geometry and sonic codes to activate dormant Human potential. They initiate a journey of healing, forgiveness, remembrance, resurrection and, ultimately, transcendence of the dualistic mortal paradigm.  There are 16 ceremonies in the full Template that are divided into 3 stages – the Foundation Phase, the Activation & Integration Phase and the Actualization Phase.


The Foundation phase includes the first 5 ceremonies that lay the foundation within the body – our bio-computer.  Each Template ceremony utilizes specific 3D sacred geometry and sonic codes to connect different circuitry systems within your physical body. This collapses the mutant matrix within you. As you gradually integrate its luminous message, you embody a new paradigm and restore our original Divine Blueprint. The reintegration of Solar consciousness in your physical being expands the portal through which divine consciousness flows.  Each set of circuitry connection builds on the previous ceremony so ceremonies must be done in order to activate.



The second phase of Activation & Integration includes ceremonies 6-10 and the third phase of Actualization begins with ceremony 11.  We offer the first 6 ceremonies regularly here in the US and the later ceremonies are held by Template Architects Juliet & Jiva Carter who hold ceremonies around the world.  All public events are posted on the Events page.


The reconnection of circuitry affects:

relationships – redistributing the balance of power and redefining childhood issues


the immune system

fear levels



guilt & more

Explore the connection between the circuitry and the endocrine system,

DNA activation and physical ascension.


Clues leading us to the knowledge that we are not connected are the scientific facts that we use  less than 50% of our brain and that 98% of our DNA is inactive. We are the culmination of a variety of life force energy systems. The new frontier of healing lies in the knowledge that these systems are not fully connected for lasting healing to take place. These ceremonies are impeccable systems, holonomically resonant with each individual’s point of soul evolution, organically regulated by their capacity for change.


After many years of working with our emotional, physical and mental bodies the time has come to work with our electro-magnetic construct. It is this subtle energy supply that activates the chakra system and animates the Human being on every level. Just as circuitry provides the pathway for electric energy to activate a computer to function properly, circuitry provides the pathways of life force in the Human Bio-computer. As a result of the genetic modification of the Human DNA several of our major circuits have been disconnected, creating a distorted sense of self that has led to fear, shame, guilt, and disease.

Each of the circuits reconnected in the alchemical process of these Ceremonies will initiate the return to wholeness and re-establish our true identities, liberating not only our relationship to each other but also to the fear-based morphogenetic grid that rules our deepest behavioral patterns, and connecting us to a new consciousness grid. Through the testing procedure of applied kinesiology(“muscle testing”), both before and after the ceremony, you will see that where there was weakness, now there is strength.


What is Circuitry?






The Ceremony of Original Innocence reconnects 12 major electro-magnetic circuits in the human body . . . PERMANENTLY. Circuits provide the pathways for the subtle energy supply that activates the chakra system and animates the Human being on every level. During the ceremony the 12 circuits are reconnected via the 5 elements and the resonant harmonic code.


The Water circuits are blocked by guilt, regret and anger as a result of trauma during birth and childhood. Reconnecting these circuits clears these emotions, liberating relationships from co-dependency. Reconnecting the Thymus circuit activates the T cells that regulate the immune system.

Experience this workshop and learn the function of the other 9 circuits, including the Heart, Solar, Earth, Third Eye and Crown!

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The 13th Circuit is reconnected by the design and progression of 23 geometric forms of the 3rd dimensional creation code and their sonic counterparts which are resonant with the various aspects of the holonomic agreement that lie at the heart of the Human masterpiece.  The Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine are woven together in geometric form to create a balance within the Human biocomputer.

In the ceremony pathways of electromagnetic life force are reinstated at both ends of the pranic tube running concurrent with the spinal cord and preparing it for the Ceremony of Sacred Breath. The occiput, at the top of the pranic tube, holds the resonant field for the Galactic life directive the seed impulse. The coccyx, at the base of the pranic tube, holds the resonant field in alignment with the Earths gaia spheric egg like receptors. Together, manifest creation occurs as the life force is Activated, Integrated, Synthesized and Crystallized into form. This Ceremony escorts us into this Geometric Tantric Courtship between the Mother of Form and the Father of Consciousness . . . reprogramming our breath with the essence of this unison we imbue our consciousness with the higher physics of creation.

The 13th Circuit Ceremony initiates the cleansing of the Archetypal arena not by reprogramming it but by attuning the heart/body/mind system to the resonance of the Geometric Soul Covenant embedded in the Human matrix that is the original Human blueprint.

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Breath… the unspoken vow between spirit and matter.

The Ceremony of Sacred Breath reconnects 7 breath circuits.
13 pieces of stellated geometry, expressing the 6th element of Stellar Radiance, provide the alchemic component within the code. Each circuit is reconnected using a particular breath focus that in turn harmonizes a specific grouping of chakras. These circuits further open the pranic tube and enable the system to absorb a wider spectrum of prana that in turn creates greater resonance with hitherto dormant receptors in the brain.

The Sacred Breath Ceremony not only activates and integrates 7 breath circuits, but also all 20 reconnected circuits as it provides the binding factor within the holonomic mechanism of the Human bio-function.

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Ceremony 4 concerns the redefinition of God in the Human psyche. Various aspects of a 3D Creation Mandala, or ’Flower of Life’ are used in this ceremony to reconnect the 5 Source Circuits within the core fractal of the universal holography, bypassing the archetypal arena and any form of spiritual mediation. The meaning of Source opens to you, within you.



Ceremony 5 reinstates the symbiosis with our solar system. The planets are represented in sacred geometric form with resonant music to reconnect 8 circuits electromagnetically connecting us to the planets.



Ceremony 6 is the first ceremony in second phase, Activation & Integration, spiraling back to activate & integrate ceremony 1.  It takes us back to the person in the mirror to delve deeper into the programming at a personal level.


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